Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Year So Far

This is the last week of summer as far as my job is concerned. This coming weekend I work both Sunday and Monday despite it being labor day as college students move into their dorms and start classes on Tuesday. It makes this a good point to look back on the year so far, and honestly - at least as far as writing is concerned - I'm pretty excited.

Somehow without realizing it I've written three (3) novels so far in 2015. To be clear, none have been edited. All are just rough drafts, but still, that is a lot of work. Two of them I know for a fact need a lot of editing, and the third I'm not sure (so probably yes.) Still a lot of work to go on them, but as far as raw content goes it is not bad. Most people write a novel once every never. Even a lot of writers don't do more than a single full manuscript in a year, and here I have 3. It works out to about 260,000 words written, and closer to 300,000 if you include prep work and plotting.

I'm not sure if I'll ever even try to publish one of these three novels, but each one has taught me things. I'm getting closer to having my own style of prep that works for me. I'm learning how to start off stronger and with a plan that will carry me through the whole work. I don't want to say I have any of those skills particularly down now, 3 works isn't enough to test that, but it is a grand improvement over the previous couple years.

Going forward, I'm hoping to write a fourth rough draft in 2015, and perhaps a couple short stories. Fireside is open to submissions this month, and I think I have a couple works I'd like to dust off, wipe down, polish, and submit.

That's my year. How is yours going?

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